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Direct Mail Strategy That Works.

Researches prove that Direct Mail, when done right, can be one of the most cost-effective ways to boost sales. Giving, receiving and handling tangible objects generate emotional effect and that’s what’s at the bottom of Direct Mail’s effectiveness. So what’s the right strategy that will help you reach your target audience? Here’s the cheat list […]

The most annoying UX mistakes?

Even nowadays it’s rather difficult to find a website which is perfectly designed to meet their audience’s needs and expectations. Here is our list of the most annoying UX mistakes we come upon everyday. We’d love to hear your comments! 1) ‘Sign up for an email newsletter’ form which pops up straight after you visit […]

Ready to hire, ready to pay!

Imagine going to a grocery shop and saying: “Give me your invoice and I’ll pay within the next 1-3 months” while presenting your filled shopping trolley. Obviously, you’d be laughed at and nobody would sell you their products but somehow this is the common way that some Dublin-based ad agencies treat freelance creatives. At AGRAND […]

Business Presentations – Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF

Getting ready for a pitch or a presentation of your business? Deliver it with a style as the look matters! We’ve a proven record of delivering eye-catching and effective presentations – whether they are in Powerpoint, Keynote or saved as a PDF. Send us your content and we’ll not only design your presentation but also […]

Time for change is now.

Sliding images, a few divisions with work samples/services offered, parallel scrolling, photos of the team members, nice sans-serif font… – sounds familiar? Yes, way too familiar – boring, uninspiring, dull. Many of us like to follow fashions but why not so many of us break the existing rules to create websites which not only serve […]