Do you remember the times before the Internet?

The times of hand-written letters you were so looking forward to exchange with your friends from the other end of the country? Letters with some drawings or photos attached? Once I even sent a tube filled with air – a very conceptual mail indeed! Then I had an idea to exchange tapes with our voices recorded – which was taking much less time than writing! It was going on forever and what a thrill it was! I can’t remember when and why it has stopped – maybe we’ve just grown up and got too busy with our lives, or didn’t really liked each other when we met face to face?

Do you miss hand-written letters and (personalised!) direct mail, or you’re happy with everything delivered digitally?

At AGRAND, we still prefer the tangible mails and below we’ve compiled a few examples of direct mails we’ve created for our clients.

If you’d like us to create one for your business, we’re only a call (or a postcard!) away 😉

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