Loosing clients or not getting new ones? Here’s why.



How does your audience react to your business’s marketing materials?

Are they professionally designed by brand designers to stand out and portray you and your business as a reliable service or product provider? Or you’d rather keep your design and advertising budget to minimum, hoping that word of mouth will suffice in promoting you?

The painful truth is that if you don’t invest in your brand’s look, it often means you don’t make enough profit to afford it (and your audience will see it and will guess the reasons behind it) or simply not enough people hear about you and that’s because you don’t advertise enough.

You might also not care and that’s bad for your business too! “Every advertisement is part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand”, David Ogilvy, founder of one of the most successful ad agency in the world, once said. Every brand needs to have its own distinguished character and voice and you won’t achieve it by using cheap stock logos and other stock imagery, utilised by millions of others – because blending in will never equal to standing out. And it’s rather unlikely that your audience doesn’t mind – we do, and that’s why it’s so easy for us to switch to your competitors who care about the customer experience more than you do – because at the end of the day, that’s what wins our hearts – a positive experience.

Blue Sky Resumes (a service that helps people create resumes) saw an 65% increase in clients each month and an 85% increase in total revenues, by changing nothing but their design, Aaron Walter reports in his book Designing for Emotion.

Apple Computer found that when it introduced the colourful iMac computer, sales boomed, even though those fancy machines contained the same hardware and software as Apple’s other models, ones that were not selling particularly well.

So if you haven’t invested in your brand’s look & feel yet, now it’s the best time to start planning it! And we are here to help you with every aspect of brand’s shaping – starting from redesigning your logo, creating your brand guidelines, setting the right tone of voice matching the target audience and their needs and expectations, all the marketing collateral – website, brochures, social media strategy and posts, flyers, give-aways, exhibition stands, packaging, direct mail, digital animated banners, newspaper/magazine/radio/TV ads – you name it and we’ll provide it.


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