6 reasons for putting your LinkedIn photo on your business card.

Most people now have a headshot on LinkedIn. So it makes sense, surely, to complete the set so to speak:

1) Having a business card with a photo of the person you’ve just met helps to develop familiarity with them.

2) It helps to increase awareness of you and your brand, and association with your respective field. Particularly useful if you’re an actor, model, news presenter or one (wo)man brand.

3) A person who sees your face on a business card will not have the impression that they are working with a nameless, faceless organisation.

4) It can be particularly beneficial if you have a friendly, pleasant and “trustworthy” face.

5) Those who receive dozens of cards at networking events remember the conversation better if a business card has a photo on. People do business with those they know, like and trust. If they can remember you, that’s the first step.

6) Having a photo on your card makes you stand out from everyone else. You get extra points if you have your card designed by a trained professional, not a self-taught amateur. Invest in your business – it really pays off.

But bear in mind that not any photo will do. It must be the right kind of photo – not a selfie taken at a hen party but a professional photo and you must be wearing your professional attire. It always helps to have a pleasant, friendly expression on your face and – use a photo that looks like you, not some glamour, air-brushed ridiculous shot! 😉

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