Six reasons why you should consider including your photo on your business card:

  1. By including a photo on your business card, you can help the people you meet develop a sense of familiarity with you.
  2. It can increase awareness of your brand and your association with your respective field, which is especially beneficial if you’re an actor, model, news presenter, or one-person brand.
  3. A person who sees your face on a business card is less likely to view you as a faceless organization.
  4. A friendly and trustworthy appearance on your photo can be particularly beneficial.
  5. When attending networking events, people are more likely to remember you and your conversation if you have a photo on your business card. This is because people do business with individuals they know, like, and trust.
  6. Including a photo on your business card can make you stand out from the crowd, particularly if it is professionally designed. Investing in your business can pay off in the long run.

It is essential to note that the photo you use on your business card must be a professional one and should not be a selfie taken at a party. You should be wearing professional attire and have a friendly expression. Additionally, it would help if you used a photo that looks like you rather than an airbrushed glamour shot.

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