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Be a voice. Not an echo: a guide to writing for your brand.

Be a voice. Not an echo: a guide to writing for your brand.

The way we say things is nearly as important as what we actually say, and this is as true for a brand as it is a person. Imagine opening up your next bank statement to be greeted with “How’s it going?” or a “LOL” next to your balance. Suffice to say you would probably trust the guardians of your assets a little less.

That’s why, as much as we bemoan it, banks generally tend to sound a bit stuffy and serious, gyms sound peppy, and charities sound kind and moralistic.

The point is that we attach a lot of meaning to the choice of words and language brands use. Words are extremely powerful, which is why they need to be chosen carefully. A bad sentence is a wasted opportunity to create a meaningful connection with your reader.

As a brand, you can communicate in three distinct ways – the way you look, the way you sound and the way you act. As with your visual identity, which includes your logo, colours and typography, your verbal identity is just as crucial a part of who you are.

Your ‘tone of voice’ is essentially how you can express your personality to prospective clients, indeed the world. Writing and design must work together in perfect harmony. Both equally
helping to define you as an organisation. By writing in a tone that’s true to your brand, you can genuinely and, most importantly, consistently express what it is that makes you unique.

If you would like advice on how to make sure your brand is heard loud and clear above the crowd, talk to us at AGRAND today. We’re experts in cutting through the noise.

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