It’s not about how good you are – it’s about how good your marketing is.

A little reminder for all of us.

Our competitive market is full of companies offering these same services, for similar prices, with similar skillset on hand. It seems that the only differentiating factor is you – you as a person, your attitude and aptitude, your communication and sales skills, your connections, your appearance, your presence at the right event, with the right people, in the right location.
And it does not matter if your service or your product is objectively good – simply because tastes and needs are so different. What matters is your ability to target the right people in the right way – using the right tools and the right channels combined with your own uniqueness.

There’s loads of trendy ways helping to meet your objectives: having a sleek website, investing in Google ads, being present and active on Social Media sites, networking, attending conferences… But all of these will not work hard for you if you as a brand don’t leave a positive impression; because what your clients will remember the most about you is not what you did for them but how they felt after working with you. Therefore making sure that the impression was good might be your best marketing strategy.

As an author and a motivational speaker Jay Danzie once said: “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark”.

We all know it but we tend to forget.

happy feelings after working with you?

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