Poster for Off The Cliff Theatre’s Metamorphoses – which was London’s first ever festival
of visual & physical theatre inspired by Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ (15-16 and 18-20 May 2017).

The program consisted of five fantastical, multi-layered and poignant plays – stories of love (often unrequited), the power of arts, loss, the interactions of gods and mortals, consequences of hubris and, most of all, transformation.

This original production featuring elements of visual, physical, devised and experimental theatre
as well as live music will create a unique experience for the audience.


‘Io Restored’ by Christian Simonsen
‘Until My Tears Turn Stones’ by Héloïse Thual
‘Passengers or what ever happened to Icarus’ by Daniel Julian
‘The Other Side’ by Christopher Moore
‘The Riddle Pond’ by Michael Lluberes (book & lyrics) and Jared Dembowski (music)

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