Why your business needs a professional logo design / brand identity?Aga Grandowicz /

Why your business needs a professional logo design / brand identity?

Logo is often the first thing that people see when deciding whether your company is the one they want to do business with, that's why it's worth having a great one.
Be a voice. Not an echo: a guide to writing for your brand.

Greetings. Hello. Hi. Yo?

The way we say things is nearly as important as what we actually…

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Logo for a sustainability-related event – design by Aga Grandowicz

The Sustainability Revolution logo design #2

December 2019One of the logo versions designed for a The Sustainability…

Logo design for an arts-related organisation

December 2019This is one of the logo versions I designed for…
BRAINworks logo – designed by Aga Grandowicz
Feels Right Insurance_logo design by Aga Grandowicz/agrand.ieAga Grandowicz/
Children-of-Lir-book-app_1.Aga Grandowicz
Website and logo for Sneaq

Website and logo design for SNEAQ

2011.SNEAQ was a platform for designers, artworkers and craft…
Website and identity for Technical Brief

Logo for Technical Brief

"If nobody else can communicate your message – because it’s…
Lepfest branding

Lepfest branding

Click the images to see their full size.Branding; LepFest/Rocking…