We designers are often asked this question – “Can you design a logo for €100? I’m sure it’ll take you 1h only.”

Designing a meaningful and a well-crafted is a time-consuming process as there’s a lot to take into account. Here’s what goes into design process:

1) Learning about the business requesting the logo, about the values they want to portray, about their target audience the logo will be ‘talking to’.

2) Checking what type of branding their local and global competitors have.

3) Working on the initial concepts – in my case it’s first the mind map (listing all the keywords related to the business in question, linking them and making visual connections – as per the header image of this article), then sketching and refining a few selected concepts.

4) Checking if something similar hasn’t been done already. (You can read my article about lack of a proper research when designing a logo which leads to dozens of brands using the same or similar icons: https://agrand.ie/importance-research-designingapproving-logo-design/)

5) Working on the first computer visuals – and that’s what will be submitted to the client as the first drafts.

Only these stages can take 3-5 days of work.

And that’s when you already have a name for your business. If you don’t, you need to add some time to brainstorm this. How long? Innocent Drinks, for example, needed 9 months to come up with their name, I learned today!

If the client is happy with the first drafts, than happy days for the designer too as she/he can start working now refining the computer visuals – tweaking the logo elements, testing different typography (or even designing a new font!), playing with the colours and their combinations, layouts, proportions, taglines, etc.

If the client is not happy, the designer needs to go back to the drawing board and start the process nearly from scratch.

It’s obviously impossible to predict how long this going back and forward will take – it may be days, it may be weeks. Or only hours.

So in total we are talking about 1 week, minimum (if designing for a small business), or a few weeks or even months when designing for a bigger organisation (as those have way more aspects to be considered).

Coming back to the beginning of this post – do you really think a designer would be happy to design a logo for €100?

What about you – have you ever been asked a similar question but in relation to the services that you provide? Would like to see your comments, please 🙂

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