Hi, nice to see you here!
I'm Aga Grandowicz. Welcome to my design world. Here, unicorns are just horses with better branding, pixels are always in harmony, and the gradients never have a bad hair day. Enjoy scrolling through my work, and let me know if I can help you with any fabulous graphic design projects.
Blending in isn’t for you.
You were born to shine, and you’re happy to strut your stuff
and celebrate what makes you great.
With my help, you can use your personality and your product
to rise above the competition and win more business.
AGRAND, Aga Grandowicz Design – a freelance, Dublin-based, art director, graphic designer and illustrator attracting attention and winning customers new business by improving their visual communications.
I can help you develop your brand identity, tone of voice, and the word on the street about your products or services.
Your company’s look and feel will always be unique and fresh with me, because I can create original artwork and content for every client. 
I'm interested in working on the client side for medium and large businesses, art & culture organisations, events-related organisations, nature-related organisations (check my relevant designs and artwork here) and publishing houses.
You will benefit from my expertise in designing visual brand identity (logo design, brand guidelines), brochures, presentations, illustrated posters, book covers, marketing strategies, and more.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?
Get in touch today.
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